I can do that!

“I could do that!”

This is a common thought or statement as someone looks at a work of art. Perhaps the art is a painting or a homemade movie. Maybe it is an entree at a restaurant or a “Do-It-Yourself” craft. Thinking “I could do that” is the first spark of inspiration, the challenge for many is to transform the thought into action and do it.

Recently some of my favourite creations have been directly inspired by what somebody else had created.

In November I happened across this video in my Facebook newsfeed:

I find this video incredible on 3 levels.

1.) The breakdancing is simply spectacular

2.) The song is very powerful

3.) The video work and editing is slick.

Seeing the rapid fire spread of this video in the social media spectrum I thought to myself. I can do this! Not the breakdancing element but the video recording element. My curiosity was how could I incorporate such a video into my Real Estate Vlog at RamageGroup.TV. After a day of letting this inspiration move around in my mind the spark started to catch and a concept began to take shape.

The result was uploaded one week later and this is what it looks like:

In a similar story of inspiration, again via the Facebook newsfeed a friend of mine posted a picture like this:

The above image came to me later via another friend who had a similar “wall quote” as her iPhone wallpaper.

I saw this great image and had that same inner instinct that said “I can do that!” The important distinction is also the fact that I also wanted to create something like this for my home.

I had felt the same inspiration from this painting I saw in a friends home over the summertime.

I sketched out the words and experiences I wanted to capture for my wall art, unearthed an unused canvas, and set to work.

My end result was this:

Art Inspires Art.

To repeat; the idea “I can do that” in these examples evolved into an inner statement; “I want to do this”. When I have the desire that I want to do something I am often possessed with an inner pull that compels me to state “I must do this”.

My creations certainly resembles the originals that brought me inspiration, however they also carry their own unique flavour. Ultimately I believe the art that was brought into the world takes shape in the way that it was meant to become. Crafted by the circumstances that surrounded me as I worked to produce my vision.

Sometimes we break through and create something brand new that has never been done before. Other times we follow the lead that others have set, crafting our replications in our own unique fashion. I find great pleasure in the process of creating, I experience joy in sharing the final product and I hope others will take what I do and be inspired to create the art that is born within.

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